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Facial Fillers in Birmingham, AL

Convenient, inexpensive, and effective, facial fillers are becoming some of the most sought-after and socially accepted aesthetic treatments for men and women across the globe. We are no longer in the age where getting facial fillers and aesthetic treatments require secrecy and shame. Now, facial fillers have advanced to the point where results look more natural and less “done” than ever. While many people think of BOTOX® Cosmetic when considering injectable treatments, facial fillers are a separate class of injectables that work in an entirely different way. By imitating sugar compounds like hyaluronic acid, facial fillers specialize in providing patients with smoother, fuller, and more youthful contours.


What Do Facial Fillers Achieve?

Elimination of Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Fillers injections target the age-related wrinkles and deep lines that develop as our skin becomes thin and loses its collagen and elastin density. Facial fillers like JUVÉDERM® Ultra, JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus, and BELOTERO BALANCE® smooth out facial lines by filling the areas beneath them. While thinning skin is a common problem as we age, deep lines and wrinkles can occur at any time. This decrease in skin quality occurs when the tissue loses some of its ability to stimulate new collagen production. Thankfully, facial fillers help collagen production which supports healthy skin for years to come.

Addition of Volume and Defined Contours

As your facial tissues become older, the volume in the cheeks, temples, and other regions of the face can begin to diminish, causing a sunken or weary appearance. Facial fillers offer fullness, and shapeliness around the temples, midface, cheeks, mouth, and lips. Each filler can be adjusted according to your needs, producing precise facial definition and refined contours. Essential choices for volumizing the skin are the Restylne® family of products such as Restylane® Deyfne, Restylane® Lyft, and other brands such as Sculptra® Aesthetic and RADIESSE®.

Preservation of Youthful Facial Features

Aging can be a beautiful process, and it doesn’t mean patients have to give up their youthfulness and vibrancy. Facial fillers can help amplify facial balance by restoring firm skin, diminishing crow’s feet or nasolabial folds, and plumping your lips. By directly injecting specialized fillers into the lips and mouth area, products like JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC, Restylane®, Restylane® Refyne™, Restylane® Kysse, and JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC can restore harmony with other characteristics of your face and support the youthfulness of your overall appearance.

How Are Facial Fillers Injected?


In step with the Birmingham, Alabama, guidelines, we at Grotting and Cohn Plastic Surgery, believe that patients should follow the proper guidelines and only receive FDA-approved facial fillers from a board-certified surgeon, such as Dr. Grotting or Dr. Cohn.

During your consultation, your surgeon will evaluate your facial anatomy, answer your questions, and address your aesthetic expectations to determine the amount of facial filler required to meet your goals. The best location for the injection and the amount of filler required must also be assessed to produce the most natural-looking results.

In addition, you will:

  • Discuss your general health status and medical background
  • Discuss additional facial rejuvenation treatments or combination surgeries, if you meet the required criteria for candidacy
  • Discuss what to expect during recovery and how to maintain your results
  • Discuss your anticipated cost of the treatment


Your facial fillers will begin with a simple mapping of the face so that your surgeon can track your problem areas and evaluate how to assess them. Once this is complete, your face is cleansed, and a topical anesthetic is applied to numb the area. Some facial fillers contain lidocaine in the formula for additional comfort.

Your chosen solution will be injected into the designated treatment site and thoroughly massaged before it is repeated on additional sites. This is repeated until the desired results are acquired. Some patients may feel uncomfortable with injecting the foreign material found in fillers. Still, it should be noted that the components of facial fillers are not toxic and can be absorbed quickly and broken down by the body over time. Facial fillers are entirely purified, typically consisting of substances and chemical compounds that are organically formed in our bodies.


Besides treating signs of aging and lack of definition in the face, facial fillers can also be combined with other facial rejuvenation techniques to provide greater harmony and more prominent aesthetic results.

Procedures commonly combined with facial fillers include:

  • Med Spa treatments: Our Med Spa has everything you desire to enjoy the full potential of your beauty. Using facial fillers, in combination with these powerful tools, will only further your aesthetic results. We offer clinical-grade facials, skin therapies, and state-of-the-art laser treatments.
  • Facelift surgery: By applying facial fillers, you can significantly improve the contours of your face and the youthfulness of your appearance. While non-surgical techniques have become advanced, nothing can beat the contemporary technology and techniques found in a surgical facelift. Facelift surgeries and fillers are not applied at the same time; however, patients who decide to receive facial fillers after their facelift has fully healed can see their surgical results amplified and maintained with even sharper resolution and structural support.
  • Fat grafting to the face: Patients who undergo facial contouring with fillers may find additional success with the volume restoration provided by modern fat grafting techniques. By incorporating fat grafting into their facial contouring, patients can use their harvested fat as a volumizer that helps to sculpt the face.

What Are Your Concerns About Facial Fillers?


Facial fillers are non-surgical treatments that require minimal to no downtime. It should be noted that recovery times are different for each patient, as facial fillers are applied at varying amounts. Even so, once your injections are applied, recovery should move swiftly as long as the proper instructions are followed. Patients should avoid touching or rubbing (massaging) the treated areas unless your plastic surgeon instructs you otherwise. Patients should also avoid any activities that require intense blood flow to the face, an elevated heart rate, or any physical activity for the rest of the day. Patients should also avoid any substances that cause the blood to thin, such as smoking or alcohol, for a limited time.


These injections may cause swelling and bruising, so it is important to allow your body time to rest and recuperate. The recovery process should be complete within a few days, allowing you to return to all normal activities.  Cool compresses or ice packs can be applied for comfort and to reduce swelling.


Facial fillers do not leave behind any scars because they use an extremely fine needle to inject the chosen product.


Facial fillers are priced according to the amount of injections a patient receives, the areas being treated, and the number of different facial fillers needed to make significant enhancements to the face. During your consultation, you will be provided with a transparent estimate of the treatment cost.


Pain is relative to each patient’s biological uniqueness. Even so, facial fillers are often chosen for their painlessness in relation to more invasive methods. Facial fillers cause minimal swelling, although some redness might occur. This will dissipate within a few hours or days.

Before And After

Botox patient before Grotting and Cohn Plastic Surgery Botox patient after Grotting and Cohn Plastic Surgery
Botox patient before 2 Grotting and Cohn Plastic Surgery Botox patient after 2 Grotting and Cohn Plastic Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

Facial fillers can be constructed from several different chemical compounds, but many popular injections are made of substances that imitate organic sugar or protein compounds. The most common of these compounds is hyaluronic acid, which can naturally be found in the body. Hyaluronic acid retains hydration by plumping the skin with water molecules. Because of this, facial fillers are safe, and the facial fillers injected in the body will eventually break down. Facial fillers are temporary and typically last between six and 18 months.

While facial fillers are highly biocompatible, some patients may experience negative side effects. These side effects are not life-threatening and typically only include minor cosmetic issues such that eventually subside:

  • Acne breakouts
  • Asymmetrical filler formation
  • Redness
  • Infection at the injection site
  • Itchiness at the injection site
  • Rarely, tissue death or blindness could occur if the filler inadvertently enters an artery

Facial fillers are made from a chemical compound that restores instant volume to the face. BOTOX® Cosmetic is a neurotoxin that inhibits muscle movement to smooth lines and prevent further wrinkle development. Facial fillers are perfect for patients who wish to correct facial volume loss and contours by restoring facial balance. BOTOX® Cosmetic is designed to prevent unflattering facial lines from appearing.

Facial fillers are one of the many non-surgical options we provide at our location. From neuromodulator agents, including BOTOX® Cosmetic, XEOMIN®, and Jeuveau®, to non-ablative skin tightening therapies like SkinTyte®, we offer a variety of options to help you achieve your goals.

Your facial filler results should start to appear immediately, although it typically takes 24 to 72 hours for swelling or irritation to subside. Some facial fillers are unique and can stimulate collagen production over time, allowing your results to develop over the following weeks and months. Facial fillers typically work in shallow layers of the dermis, enabling their results to become conspicuous sooner.

At Grotting and Cohn Plastic Surgery, we provide the highest quality of artistry and professional application of facial filler products. Our licensed and medically trained professionals have a thorough understanding of proper techniques and facial anatomy, ensuring that you will look more natural and radiant than before.

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