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Eyelid Lift

Benefits of an Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty) Procedure

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul and it is aging of the eye area that often bring patients in to see us. Three things cause the eye area to appear older:

  1. Eyelid skin becomes stretched out and redundant from a lifetime of blinking and sun damage
  2. The eyes sink in because of the loss of the supportive fat that cushions the eyes
  3. Dark circles may appear because of inherited skin coloring or shadows cast by “bags” under the eye

Sometimes eyelids can droop because of weakening of the muscle mechanism that holds the eyelid open. Correction of this (ptosis) requires specialized eyelid surgical repair.

Who in Birmingham, Alabama would be a good candidate for Eyelid Lift Procedure?

Youthful eyes have a lot of fullness around them (not puffiness) and a distinct upper eyelid crease. When too much skin hangs down in the upper eyelid, it becomes difficult for women to apply eye make up and a more tired appearance ensues. Both men and women may lose some of their peripheral vision, which can be dangerous especially while driving.

These are good indications to consider eyelid surgery.

In the lower lid, patients with prominent fat bags or drooping skin are ready for surgical repair. Despite the fact that there are a huge number of expensive “eye creams” aimed at improving the problems described here, none of them can come close to what eyelid surgery can do for improving the appearance of the eyelids.

How is the procedure performed?

Eyelid surgery is done in the office in Birmingham, Alabama under local anesthesia with sedation, although if you are a little nervous about it, we offer a light general anesthesia as well. Both are equally safe. The procedures are generally painless. The appropriate amount of skin is removed from the upper eyelid, but we are very careful about removing too much volume to preserve a youthful look. In the lower lid, we can reduce prominence of bags usually through the inside of the eyelid, and trim excess skin to improve wrinkles.

What is the post-operative recovery?

Recovery from eyelid surgery is particularly easy. Most patients report a little soreness for a day or so but no real pain. Stitches come out at one week. Bruising is usually minimal. We encourage you to keep cool compresses on the eyelids for 48 hours which will reduce bruising more than any other method. Contact lenses can usually be used after 7-10 days. You may want to wear some dark glasses when in the sun after eyelid surgery for a period of time while your eyes become used to the greater amount of light which will be getting into your eyes with the excess skin removed.

What can I expect for the results?

Eyelid surgery must be done with precision and with an appreciation for beauty. It is important to not take out too much skin or too much fat as this can make the eye area look odd or even older. We are very focused on careful diagnosis and planning the surgery to create youth and beauty. Our preoperative imaging system will help you see the picture we have in mind as we as we try to achieve the very best postoperative result for you.

One example of careful diagnosis is the relationship of brow shape and position to the appearance of the upper eyelid. It would be wrong to take too much skin out of the upper lid to make up for a brow that has dropped too low. That is why brow analysis is a vital part of determining the best way to make the eyelid area look better.

Are there potential complications?

Everyone knows that eyelid surgery gone wrong can produce eyes that don’t look normal anymore. At Grotting & Cohn plastic surgery in Birmingham, we are very careful to design eyelid correction to preserve the personal look of each individual which is such an important part of every person’s personality and appearance. We don’t want to create eyes that look different or odd. We seek to create excellent function and a younger appearance. Complications such as drooping of the lower lid or dryness are rare but virtually always resolve with drops, massage, and time. Severe bleeding even resulting in blindness has been reported in the literature, but can be virtually eliminated by careful surgery and stopping any medications that cause bleeding. We will make sure that all these details are addressed long before any surgery is done.

Learn more how a Eye Lift can improve your facial features. Dr. Grotting and Dr. Cohn will walk you through your consultation in person at the Birmingham, Alabama office and develop the best procedure for you. Call us at (205) 930-1600.