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Meet Our Staff

Medical Staff

Our clinical staff consists of a group of extraordinary individuals. Each professional contributes in an empathetic manner and provides outstanding care and approachability. Their knowledge and compassion helps ensure maximal comfort and safety of our patients. Each assists in both the clinic and the operating room and they collectively serve in a variety of critical roles throughout our practice. With decades of combined plastic surgery experience, their professionalism and love for what they do is unmistakable.


Jennifer, RN
for James C. Grotting, MD


Best, RN
for Al B. Cohn, MDv


Allyson, Medical Assistant
for Al B. Cohn, MD

Scheduling/Surgical Coordinators

Our surgical coordinators bring unbridled enthusiasm to their job and serve as a liaison for each patient, assisting with their initial consultation throughout the post-op period. Their communication skills and accessibility facilitate prompt friendships with our patients as they assist with coordination of surgical details and logistics. Their experience and knowledge are valued assets to our practice and our patients’ experience.

Vicki – Patient Coordinator
for James C. Grotting, MD


Amy – Patient Coordinator
for Al B. Cohn, MD

Administrative Staff​

Our administrative staff is perfectly selected to be the first faces to greet you upon your arrival to our office.  Whether their role is managerial or supportive, their proficiency assists with optimizing the ease and efficiency of your visit with us.  They assist with a variety of essential tasks including patient flow, registration, scheduling and billing.  Each of them is delightful, capable, and will undoubtedly make you feel welcome to our practice.

Alana – Business & Office Manager
for James C. Grotting, MD

Jennifer Foster – OR Director
for James C. Grotting, MD and Al B. Cohn, MD


McKena – Clinical Coordinator
for James C. Grotting, MD


Sheri – Administrative Assistant
for Al B. Cohn, MD


Beth – Administrative Assistant
for James Grotting, M.D.



Jamie – Licensed Master Aesthetician & Certified Medical Assistant

Jamie is an essential asset to our practice and brings a specialized expertise in skin care, with a focus on optimizing peri-operative skin care regimens. She offers a variety of hydrating and exfoliating facials and assists in long-term skin management as a means of both prevention and restoration. She is highly skilled across a broad range of services and is accessible for professional, individualized consultations throughout each day.

Whether you are looking to improve your overall skin health through products and procedures or preparing for a special event, let Jamie and the team at Grotting and Cohn Plastic Surgery help you achieve the results you desire.