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Benefits of BroadBand Light (BBL™) Therapy

Posted September 16, 2016 in Non-Surgical Treatments, Skincare Treatments

broadband-light-bbl-treatment-for-beautiful-skinAcne and pigmentation problems plague both teens and adults. For many, at-home treatments do little to improve skin issues. If you think that intense acne medication is the only option left for you, it might be time to consider non-invasive BroadBand Light (BBL™) therapy to restore a smooth, flawless complexion.

What Are BBL™ Treatments

BBL™ treatments use pulsed light and laser technology to heat the upper layers of your skin. Your physician directs this heat energy into the tissues, and it is absorbed by the skin cells. This process stimulates collagen production, destroys small surface vessels, and eliminates unwanted melanin cells.

Each treatment is performed in an office setting using a topical anesthetic. Each procedure takes an average of one hour to perform. Most patients can immediately resume their regular activities and require very little downtime. Most BBL™ treatments target the face, but you can also gain a noticeable improvement with issues on the chest, back, and hands.

Benefits of BBL™

  • Improves Acne – Patients with hard-to-treat acne choose BBL™ treatments because the heat from the laser kills acne-causing bacteria to improve current acne and prevent future problems from forming.
  • Erases Pigmentation – The heat from the laser destroys unwanted melanin cells that cause hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and red spots.
  • Eases Redness – Surface capillaries and vessels that cause diffused redness are eliminated through the BBL™ heating process.
  • Smoothes Skin – BBL™ treatments stimulate collagen production to smooth wrinkles and restore lost volume to the face.

Why Choose BBL™

BBL™ treatments are non-invasive and won’t result in any visible scarring. Treatments are gentle and can provide most patients with dramatic, long-lasting results. Most patients require only three to five treatments to achieve clear, flawless skin. BBL™ treatments have very little downtime, and most patients can immediately return to work, apply makeup, and resume their daily activities.

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your skin, schedule your BBL™ consultation today. Contact our office at 205.930.1600 or fill out our online contact form for additional information.

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