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Is Non-surgical Fat Removal Worth the Hype?

Posted January 5, 2021 in CoolSculpting®, Non-Surgical Treatments

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With 2021 finally upon us, it is once again the time for New Year’s resolutions. Every year, countless people resolve to start the year with a healthier outlook and a healthier body. 

Woman runner at the 2021 starting line.

This is the time of year known for crash diets, new exercise programs, and, yes, even cosmetic surgery to nudge patients in the right direction. We all want our bodies to be trim and healthy; unfortunately, this is much easier said than done, and—at the end of the day—we all want what will be easiest. 

Cosmetic body contouring is by no means a new concept. Liposuction has been helping patients target lingering fat pockets for decades, and, as the number two plastic surgery procedure in the United States, that popularity is not likely to go anywhere anytime soon. 

However, what if there were a less invasive way to achieve those plastic surgery-like contours?

CoolSculpting® is popular among healthy adults with excess pockets of fat. Unfortunately, because it is such a popular word-of-mouth treatment, it can sometimes be difficult to know if the actual treatment can live up to the hype that surrounds it. 

What Is CoolSculpting® Non-surgical Fat Removal?

Non-surgical fat removal is a popular topic among those seeking effective ways to eliminate stubborn fat without undergoing surgery. As the name suggests, the procedure is non-invasive, and it does remove fat cells. 

Non-surgical fat removal doesn’t involve any incisions or lengthy downtimes. Instead, it relies on surface techniques like cryolipolysis—a “freezing” technology that targets and eliminates fat cells. The most popular of these procedures is CoolSculpting®. 

How Does CoolSculpting® Work?

CoolSculpting® logo.CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical body contouring procedure that takes 30 to 60 minutes. It involves subjecting fat cells in the targeted area (such as the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs) to significantly low temperatures to break their structural integrity. 

Fat cells are more sensitive to cold than other body cells. CoolSculpting® involves cooling the area to kill fat cells without damaging the surrounding cells and tissues. 

Here, the targeted area is placed between two panels and cooled to freezing temperatures. The technician will then massage the area to break down the dead fat cells, which your immune system will naturally process and release over the following weeks and months.

Is CoolSculpting® Non-surgical Fat Removal Effective?

Non-surgical fat removal through CoolSculpting® is predicated on proven science. Fat cells will crystalize and die when exposed to freezing temperatures for longer than normal. Once this is done, the massage therapy breaks apart the cells, leaving your body to carry out the natural elimination. 

However, CoolSculpting® benefits are mostly for patients with minor fat pockets. Under the ideal circumstances, CoolSculpting® can remove up to 25 percent of the fat cells in a given area. While this is nothing to scoff at, it doesn’t exactly match the five liters of fat cells that liposuction can remove (under ideal circumstances).

If you have larger fat deposits, liposuction and other surgical procedures may prove to be more effective.

Is CoolSculpting® Better Than Liposuction?

If a patient is given a choice between a surgical option and a non-surgical one, the chances are that they would choose the non-surgical alternative. And why not? It’s more convenient, comfortable, and provides less interruption to one’s day-to-day lifestyle. 

However, while it may be easier, it may not be “better” for you. Candidacy depends on a lot of things, including your starting weight, BMI, overall health, and desired results. A consultation with Dr. Grotting or Dr. Cohn is the only way to determine which procedure is ideal for you.

While CoolSculpting® cannot provide the same level of fat reduction, there are cases where this technology is more appropriate. Some patients are simply not candidates for invasive surgical procedures. If this is the case for you, CoolSculpting® emerges as the only other viable solution. 

Neither CoolSculpting® nor liposuction removes loose or lax skin.

Interested in Learning More?

Non-surgical fat removal is a safe and healthy option when looking to tone your contours. The procedure is completed in minutes, and patients leave with no wounds or need for recovery. However, it takes several weeks before the immune system clears all dead fat cells, and it is vital to combine CoolSculpting® with other weight management programs like diet and exercise. 

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