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Is Liposuction Safe?

Posted February 22, 2018 in Liposuction

Liposuction is consistently one of the top plastic surgery procedures performed each year, yet the media gives it a bad rap. This is mainly in part due to the poor liposuction results of some celebrities. While liposuction has over a 90 percent satisfaction rating according to ASAPS, there are still many people who are worried that liposuction will leave them disfigured. The fact is liposuction is a safe and routine plastic surgery procedure that has a low risk of complications when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. These are the most common side effects associated with liposuction:


Liposuction Before and After Photos


Bruising is unavoidable with almost any surgical procedure and usually subsides within several days of treatment. We use tumescent fluid during your liposuction to help break up fat deposits making the removal process more gentle, which results in less severe and shorter-lived bruising.


Swelling goes hand-in-hand with bruising, and some amount will occur following your procedure. We recommend wearing a compression garment around the treatment area to help decrease postoperative swelling. This reduces the amount of time you will experience swelling, and it promotes tissue contraction for better-looking results.


If your procedure is performed by a qualified surgeon in a sterile facility, you will have a lower risk of developing an infection. Unfortunately, most infections are the result of poor patient aftercare. You should carefully follow your care instructions provided by your surgeon, and perform the necessary steps for the entirety of your recovery.

Surface Irregularities

Deformities in the treatment area are probably the most significant concern for people considering liposuction. This side effect comes down to the skill of the surgeon and your body’s natural healing process. We remove fat in small sections and layers to avoid the dimpling and lumps that are the mark of poor technique. However, there are some cases where the irregularities develop for biological reasons, which cannot be avoided.

Choose a Qualified Surgeon

Having the side effects presented like this can make liposuction seem like a scary procedure when it’s not. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon is the first step to lower your risk of liposuction complications. Being the right candidate for liposuction will also be essential to achieving beautiful results.

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