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Facial Fat Grafting

Posted December 29, 2016 in Fat Transfer

Facial Fat Grafting Before and After PhotosMany people complain about unwanted excess fat; it can be unflattering and causes some people to feel uncomfortable in their skin. Even though fat can be annoying and unnecessary, in some cases, fat can be a good thing!

By undergoing fat grafting to the face, a person can remove stubborn unwanted fat from one area of the body and transfer it to the face to restore volume. In comparison to synthetic fillers, fat grafting surgery can improve your facial appearance with fewer risks and more natural results.

Facial Fat Grafting Before and After PhotosFat Grafting Benefits

  • Removes unwanted fat
  • Minimal risks and complications
  • Safe and effective
  • Less invasive compared to other surgeries
  • Immediate results

Reasons for Facial Fat Grafting

Fat grafting reduces signs of facial aging that are caused by the loss of skin elasticity or fullness. Fat transfer to the face can be used to improve lines, wrinkles, gaunt cheeks, thin lips, and hollows under the eyes. By removing unwanted fat via liposuction from a specific area, you can achieve more slender body contours and use the unwanted fat to add facial volume. The hands-on approach of fat grafting allows your surgeon to sculpt the face into the desired shape, and patients can expect to achieve a natural-looking complexion as well as a more youthful face.

Am I a Fat Grafting Candidate?

Patients considering fat grafting are in good health and have realistic expectations about their results. Fat grafting restores volume and smooths surface wrinkles, but it is not designed to improve sagging skin. Patients with drooping facial tissues should consider more extensive facelift surgery. Fat grafting patients should have enough fat for harvesting prior to their treatment. Patients who are thin with a low body-fat percentage may not be ideal candidates.

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